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FREE UP Exchange Global Cohesion · Leading a New Era of Digital Finance


--FREE UP Exchange Global Private Board and Jeju Island, South Korea FREE UP Exchange Global Launch Conference

In the wave of digital economy, a brand new financial ecosystem is emerging. It integrates convenient on chain transactions, WEB3.0, DeFi, lending, GameFi, OTC services, and other applications, opening up a new financial world for us - this is the future that FREE UP Exchange has painted for us.

1、 WEB3.0 Ecological Protocol and a New Starting Point for Crypto Asset Trading

Free UP Exchange, built by the world's top blockchain technology geek DAO community, has received angel investment incubation from Vietnamese financial conglomerates. Its emergence aims to create a transparent, open, secure, and efficient trading environment for global digital asset users. As an international digital trading platform, FREE UP Exchange is not only a trading platform, but also an ecosystem based on blockchain investment services and consulting services.

2、 Strong background support, forging a future financial giant

Tbchain Capital Holding Group, as one of Canada's largest equity private equity investment institutions, strategically invested in FREE UP Exchange as early as October 2021. Megalink Capital, with its outstanding experience in cryptocurrency trading and global resources, has brought a broader international perspective and standardized, stable and compliant operations to FREE UP.

3、 FREE UP Exchange's strong international qualifications lead to an excellent new future

FREE UP Exchange will create the most comprehensive ecosystem in the WEB3.0 field, which includes ecosystems such as WEB3.0+DAO+NFT+GameFi+Swap+SocialFi+Lending, gradually realizing FREE UP Exchange's grand vision of decentralized finance. Become the world's top decentralized digital asset trading platform.


International financial licenses obtained by FREE UP Exchange:

1. FREE UP Exchange has obtained the ACRA Foundation registration qualification in Singapore and enjoys the advantages of excellent international reputation, tax convenience, and high confidentiality.

2. The US MSB license has opened the door to a large market, strong entrepreneurial atmosphere, and strict regulation for FREE UP Exchange.

3.FREE UP Exchange has also obtained the US NFA license, which is a symbol of financial innovation, excellent reputation, and a wide market.


4、 Free UP Exchange diversified application ecosystem, opening a new chapter in finance

Full chain games: turn based RPG, puzzle solving ACT, simulation, adventure, card, management, sandbox, puzzle entertainment, etc., perfectly combining games with finance, allowing players to achieve asset appreciation in entertainment.

DeFi lending service: providing multiple lending pairs to achieve maximum versatility, with the goal of developing a new generation of DeFi features to bring new features to the decentralized financial world.

OTC service: an efficient and convenient trading method, directly communicating with sellers, negotiating transaction prices and quantities, reducing costs, and ensuring security.

5、 The token has landed on top global exchanges, allowing billions of users to have more freedom in their assets

FREE UP Exchange integrates the most advanced technology in the blockchain world, designing a multi chain and multi-layer architecture of parallel and relay chains, making cross chain and cross consensus protocols possible, and building a vast ecosystem of FREE UP Exchange.

At present, the FREE UP Exchange platform token PPAY/FMC has launched an IDO with a large number of participants. With technological advantages, FREE UP Exchange tokens will be listed on top global exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, and UpBit. At that time, the assets of billions of users will be more free, and liquidity will be greatly enhanced.

At the same time, in the near future, FREE UP Exchange will issue runes for the FREE UP consortium chain on the Omni public chain network. FREE UP leverages the mature technology and community ecology of bit networks to provide stronger security and credibility for the trading and application of digital assets.

6、 Jeju Island Grand Event, Opening a New Chapter in 2024

On December 28, 2023, the top hotels on Jeju Island in South Korea will hold a grand FREE UP Exchange launch event. This conference will bring together over 300 digital currency community leaders from 7 countries. This is not only a grand event, but also a declaration of the arrival of FREE UP Exchange in 2024 and the beginning of its value prospects.

In the era of WEB 3.0, we need an open, transparent, and secure platform to support our digital assets. FREE UP Exchange is precisely such a platform, it is not only a trading platform, but also a complete ecosystem. It has a strong background support, a diversified application ecosystem, and a token that will soon be listed on top global exchanges.

The grand event on Jeju Island is just the beginning, and the future of FREE UP Exchange will be even more brilliant. Let's look forward to how this international digital trading platform, which integrates blockchain based investment services and consulting services, will lead us into a new financial world!