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Slkor Micro Semi conductor advances into global emerging markets

In the new stage of fierce competition in the global semiconductor industry, China's leading semi conductor company - Slkor Micro Semi conductor, with its far-sighted strategic vision, has made strong advances in the world's diversified emerging markets, especially those countries and regions that speak small languages. Through careful layout and in-depth cultivation of these markets, Slkor Micro has not only enhanced its international brand influence, but also effectively grasped new opportunities in global economic development.

In the second half of 2023, Slkor Micro Semi conductor will further optimize its global market layout, focusing on South Asia, Africa and some American countries. Although these regions have diverse languages and are relatively niche, their position in the growth of global semi conductor demand has become increasingly prominent. . Especially in the Middle East and African markets, due to the large-scale promotion of infrastructure construction and smart city projects, the demand for advanced semi conductor technologies including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data is booming. Sakwe is keenly aware of this trend and has taken the lead in extending its business reach to Urdu, Zulu, Hausa, Swahili and other small language countries. Through cooperation with local authoritative media, it has released a series of Professional information about Slkor Micro Semi conductors and its flagship brand "slkor". This move marks substantial progress in Slkor Micro's comprehensive penetration into emerging markets around the world.

At the same time, Slkor Micro Semi conductor and its sister company Kinghelm go hand in hand, both of which are committed to enhancing the level and dimension of brand internationalization. On the basis of consolidating the Chinese market, Kinghelm has already won a good reputation in the broader international market by building an English official website. In the second half of 2023, Kinghelm further responded to global market demand and timely increased its marketing investment in countries with small languages, aiming to provide more considerate and detailed product services to customers in different regions. This move undoubtedly enhanced its market share. global market influence and promotes close interaction with global customers and partners.

Looking into the future, Slkor Micro Semi conductor will continue to leverage its advantages in technology research and development and product innovation to meet the needs of markets around the world with high-quality and efficient semi conductor solutions. At present,Slkor Micro's product line includes multiple series such as diodes, transistors, power devices, and power management chips, and it continues to innovate in high-tech fields such as Hall sensors, ADCs, and BMS. It is particularly worth mentioning that Slkor Micro has successfully developed a series of high-end products such as silicon carbide SiC SBD diodes, MOSFET tubes, and IGBT tubes. These products are suitable for high-end equipment manufacturing, communications power, solar photovoltaics, medical equipment, and industrial Internet. , new energy vehicles and many other key industries, fully reflecting Slkor Micro's leading position in the semi conductor field.

Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Slkor/Kinghelm

At a time when the global supply chain is being restructured and the process of globalization is accelerating, Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Sacco Micro Semi conductor, firmly believes that through strategic layout of the global minority language country market, it will not only effectively enhance the international popularity and market share of the "slkor" brand, but also effectively enhance the international reputation and market share of the "slkor" brand. It can enable enterprises to have stronger adaptability and competitive advantages in response to global industrial restructuring.

In short, with its far-reaching global vision and solid market actions, Sacco Micro Semi conductor has successfully entered the markets of small-language countries, demonstrating its determination and strength to dominate the complex and ever-changing global semi conductor market competition. In the future, Sacco Micro will continue to deepen international cooperation, rely on technological innovation to continuously expand overseas markets, and set an example for the globalization process of Chinese semi conductor companies.